Cryo tubes with Unique Barcode

Great savings on time and economy

Dacos A/S now has the opportunity to provide cryotubes with exactly the barcodes you prefer. Stop wasting time and resources on the old etiquette system. This new labeling technique improves security, reduces the amount of waste and the lengthy process of sticking labels on tubes manually.

With this new innovative technique, the barcodes are laser engraved directly onto the tubes, and hereby ensures a robust result that can’t be scratched, fall off, or in any way be affected by cold storage or daily handling.

The new laser system provides a unique barcode, which can be individually customized and will fit most systems. The barcode can be scanned directly into a computer system, which will reduce processing time and the risk of typing errors.

In addition to the barcodes printed on the tubes, we offer a package deal that contains stickers with the same code as the tubes. These can be used in patient journals and other documents to ensure that the tubes are always matched to the right documentation and the right patient.