Dacos cryo vials travels to America

November the 1st 2017 Dacos and Labcon North America Inc. signed a cooperation agreement. This means that Dacos is now an official European distributor of Labcon products, including Labcons’ popular, environment friendly pipette tips, their centrifuge vials, PCR plates and much more. Labcon is also bringing Dacos’ cryo vials into their product range, which means that our cryo vials is still produced by us in Denmark, but will now be sold across the Atlantic too.

New revolutionary product

In collaboration with Labcon, Dacos have developed a new product that will make the everyday tasks in the field easier, more secure and more efficient. The product is called Coldpoint® Bluechiip™, and is a quality cryo vial form Dacos with a revolutionary Bluechiip® microchip in the bottom. The chip-vial is already in production, and more information will be available on the website very soon. If you would like to know more right away, call us at: +45 7630 7600, or send a query on info@dacos.dk

Who is Labcon?

Labcon North America Inc. is the worlds leading manufacturer of earth friendly laboratory consumables, and have manufactured and sold disposable laboratory products since 1956. They have an ongoing mission to develop the most useful products for the laboratory industry, while finding the most sustainable solutions for the environment, and establish a more eco-friendly approach for production of plastic articles. Labcon was registered ISO 9001 already in 1997, and have since continued to find innovative solutions to reduce our common carbon footprint.