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Maxxline Blood Separation Filter Tubes

Blood separation filter tubes are designed to separate the mononuclear cells (MNC). By using the blood separation filter tubes, it is possible to get the results in half an hour in contrast to normal 24 to 48 hours.
Volume: 15 ml and 50 ml.

MAXXLINE Blood Separation filter tubes

Maxxline Media Bottles

The Maxxline Media bottles are suitable for mixing, sampling and storage of media, laboratory reagents and biological buffers. The square bottle is designed to save up to 20% space on the shelf and is made of crystal clear PET to obtain the best view of the contents. The PET resin is also lightweight and breakresistant. The bottles are sterile and free from RNase/DNase.
Volume: 500 ml.

MAXXLINE Media Bottles

Maxxline Expectorated Sputum Container

The Maxxline sputum container are ideal for the collection and transport of patient samples such as sputum and urine. It can also be used with formalin and fixative fills.
Volume: 24 ml.

MAXXLINE Sputum Container

Maxxline Transport Container

The Maxxline transport container is ideal for easy and safe transport of cryovials. By using the transport container it is very fast to make the cryovials ready for transportation. The insert is made in flexible foam which stores the cryovails very safe during transportation.
Storage: 12 cryovails.
Dimensions: 138 mm x 101 mm diameter.

MAXXLINE Transport container for cryotubes

Micro Centrifugetubes

The centrifuge microtubes are ideal for applications requiring tubes to be incubated. Use the microtubes for radioactive molecules, or use the microtubes for any DNA or protein research where sample integrity is important.

MAXXLINE Transport container for cryotubes