Steel racks

Learn more about our great selection of steel racks

Dacos offers two different ranges of steel racks that fits two different workflows. First off is the Standard/Classic line, which focuses on simplicity and efficiency. Second is the Comfort line, which ensures a more ergonomic correct workflow. Each range contains one rack for upright freezers and one for chest freezers.

All the racks are made of stainless steel, and fits most freezers. [All sizes]

Fits the following box sizes: 50, 75, 85, and 100mm. The chest freezers also fit 32mm boxes.

Standard rack: For upright freezers

  • Side opening design
  • Individual division

Provides quick overview, as well as convenient access to samples.

Classic rack: For chest freezers

  • Locking rod to secure the boxes
  • Individual division

This is the most common rack for chest freezers.

Comfort: For upright freezers

  • Ergonomic work position
  • Barrage

Offers a more ergonomic design which prevents heavy lifts.

Comfort: For chest freezers

  • Spring locks to secure the boxes
  • Individual division

Very suitable for LN2 freezers, and fits those who believe safety and ergonomics are important.