Learn what our customers and businnespartners say about DACOS

Hans Jørgen Nielsen, Professor of Surgical Oncology

I am writing you this e-mail to express my excitement about our ongoing collaboration with yourself and your employees. Through time, our long-lasting partnership have turned to both of our advantages, making it possible to complete many comprehensive projects in a timeframe far below the expected.

I will especially highlight your striking ability to always innovate your products. Including your improvement of the cryovial cap with the ¾ thread, which resulted in quicker fastening and removal of the cap. This saves us time, strength and physical impact of our employees; Who have greatly praised this improvement, since the >55.000 patient’s blood sample-set now consists of 24 cryovials.

Furthermore, I will highlight your development of printed, unique (sequential) and 8-digit barcodes on the vials we use every day. This is a significant asset for our project staff, as they no longer need to manually mark each sample. This invention, together with the improvements of the cap, is such a grand asset in our daily work process, and I greatly recommend you to contact other research groups and institutions who deals with similar projects. If you do, please feel free to make me a reference.

In the beginning of these projects, we extended the collaboration with 6 hospitals in the Central Region of Jutland (Region Midtjylland), and you did not hesitate to offer the deliverance of products to each hospital individually. This generous offer saved us an expensive logistic detour; An absolutely supreme solution.

The research group and I are looking forward to our continuing collaboration with Dacos A/S. Your service is simply exemplary.

Kind regards,
Hans Jørgen Nielsen
MD, DMSc, Professor of Surgical Oncology
Hvidovre Hospital

Erik Brandsma, Unilabs A/S

At Unilabs we have for several years used many products from Dacos with great satisfaction.

Your ability to improve your products to custom made solutions is a perfect example showing that you always listen to and fulfill the needs and wishes of your customers, e.g. our company brand on 40.000 containers and 1.110.000 cryovails to be used world wide for clinical projects. It has improved Unilabs branding incredibly.

You have proved your insight and understanding of our needs, you always respond quickly and deliver our products as agreed and on time.

We look forward to continue the good cooperation with DACOS A/S.

Best regards,
Erik Brandsma
Logistic Manager
Unilabs A/S, Copenhagen