MAXXLINE Vials with 1D Barcodes

Barcodes provide the safest and easiest way to keep track of samples

Why Use Barcodes?

Barcodes provide the safest way to keep track of samples. A printed code is much more durable than text written in pen, and scanning codes instead of typing them manually reduces the risk of human errors. By removing the manual typing process, handling samples will also be a lot quicker.

Which Data Can It Contain?

For barcode generation we use Code128. This is an alpha-numerical code, meaning that it contains both numbers and letters. Our technology allows you to request codes with up to 10 characters, as seen in the image below.

MAXXLINE Vial with Barcode

Why CODE128?

We chose this specific code because of its compressed design, meaning you can fit more characters on a small space, which is crucial to optimize the usefulness of barcodes when printing small items like a cryo vial. Also, the Code128 is supported by most scanners.

What Does ‘Static’ Mean?

We use the term ‘static code’ to describe a code that is the same across all vials in one batch.

Feature Overview

  • Reduce human errors
  • Improve time efficiency
  • Improve quality controls
  • Vials have human readable numbers too