New exclusive barcoding system

Make 2019 the year where vital information never gets lost!

Unique Sequential Codes

This new and exclusive barcoding system is the future of handling and organizing cryogenic samples. The concept itself may sound simple; High quality cryogenic vials with printed, sequential barcodes - But it’s much more than just that. The possibilities are endless.

One System (Does Not) Fit All

The system itself is completely customizable and there is no standard way to use it. We have chosen this way because we know that each laboratory and hospital have its own process when preforming and categorizing samples. This way we can ensure that implementing the barcode system results in no further need to modify or change existing procedures.

Also, this system does not require you to buy hundreds or thousands of vials to afford itself. We offer custom quantities with a minimum order as low as 500 vials.

barcode system

The Safe Option

Old-school labeling and etiquette systems is an expensive and lengthy way of keeping samples organized, and it comes with a great risk of losing vital information. Paper labels can be damaged, making them unreadable to a scanner or even a person trying to enter the information manually. The information can be mistyped. The label could disappear in the freezer or dry ice tank. This will never happen with these barcode vials!

Time Saver

This system is designed to enable fast, accurate and efficient sample identification and hereby ensuring time and error reduction.

Quality Vials

For this unique system we have chosen to use our signature MAXXLINE Cryo Vials. These are cleverly designed vials for sampling and storage of different types of liquids in cold temperatures. With features like external thread, star-feet and leak proof closure by only half a turn, the vials are made with the purpose of easy handling and ergonomic comfortability. As a bonus, the MAXXLINE Vials are proven to withstand a pressure of 95 kPa, which makes them safe for air travel. To learn more about the vials themselves please visit