Diatom and DACOS support a number of charities

We support Danish Hospital Clowns

Diatom and Dacos are proud to be sponsors of Danish Hospital Clowns, who visit hospitalized children and their families every day. Danish Hospital Clowns strengthen the joie de vivre and courage of hospitalized children, so that they can better cope with the course of the illness.

The Hospital Clown shares his strength with the child and provides what is needed. For many children, the clown can be a safe hand to hold when life in the hospital hurts. And an anchor to return to.

We support the association through an annual donation.
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Danske Hospitalsklovne
Julemærkehjemmene - Sponsorater

We support Julemærkehjemmene

Julemærkehjemmene help children who are disadvantaged. Children who are bullied, are lonely, or don’t think they are good enough. What they have in common is that they need help to regain faith in themselves and life.

Just under 1,000 children get help every year at a Julemærke home. For many of them, the stay will be the start of a new and brighter everyday life with better physical, mental and social strength.

Diatom and Dacos support the association’s work through an annual donation.
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We plant trees in Danish forests

Sustainability is a value that we prioritize highly in our company. Therefore, in 2023 we have collaborated with the Growing Trees Network to plant 250 trees in Skibby Folkeskov. By supporting Growing Trees and planting trees in new public forests, we contribute to:

  • Ensuring clean drinking water.
  • More nature and increased biodiversity.
  • Creation of new recreational areas.
  • Storage of CO2 and mitigation of global warming.

We are proud to plant more trees in Danish folk forests.
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Kræftens Bekæmpelse - Sponsorater

We support the fight against cancer

The Danish Cancer Society works to ensure that fewer people get cancer, more people survive cancer, and a better life with and after cancer.

We have been a business partner of the Danish Cancer Society for a number of years, and we have continuously supported their efforts to promote research, information and advice in the field of cancer.

We are proud to support the Danish Cancer Society.
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