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How it started

Founded in 2009, Wuxi NEST Biotechnology is a worldwide manufacturer of plastic laboratory products. State-of-the-art production equipment and decades of plastic injection molding experience allow NEST to maintain the highest quality and precision expected by the hospitals, research institutions, and industrial and clinical laboratories.

In 2013, NEST opened a sales office and warehouse in New Jersey to better serve overseas markets. Since then, NEST has established sales offices in New Jersey, the Netherlands, the UAE and Japan. In 2022, NEST opened a new 4,460 m2 warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Complete production line

NEST has a complete production line for plastic consumables, where all procedures from making molds, injection molding to sterilization, is carried out efficiently at NEST’s own production facilities.

With precision molds, high-quality raw materials and advanced equipment, NEST is able to manufacture products and perform quality tests under strict and comprehensive regulations. This ensures that NEST’s products meet the highest quality and performance standards expected by hospitals, research institutions and industrial clinical laboratories.

Effective and safe sterilization

NEST’s products are sterilized by electronic irradiation, which ensures the best sterilization of products. The Rhodotron TT200 electron accelerator, whose sterilization process has been certified by the ISO 11137 quality system, was acquired from one of the world’s leading companies in E-Beam sterilization in Belgium.

Compared to sterilization with cobalt 60 or ethylene oxide sterilization, sterilization by electronic irradiation is more effective and safer. At the same time, it requires less time and does not give
chemical residual waste.

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NEST offers products of very high quality

high quality laboratory products
years of experience with sterilization
m2 class 100,000 clean room
m2 class 10,000
clean room
m2 warehouse in China, USA and NL

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