At DACOS, we work for a greener future

Green in a world of plastic

At DACOS we focus on the environment and sustainability. As far as possible, we select suppliers who also have a green agenda and make efforts for the environment. Today, we collaborate with international certified manufacturers who develop environmentally friendly products, recycle plastic and focus on energy-saving production.

One of our largest suppliers, Labcon, is a fantastic example of how it is possible to be green in a plastic world. Not only do they focus on environmentally friendly and energy-saving production, they also develop products that enable the individual laboratory to consume less plastic and generate less plastic waste.

Miljøvenlige pipettespidser
% less generated
% less energy consumed
% fewer emitted greenhouse gases
% less water consumed

Environmentally friendly production

Throughout the entire production, Labcon focuses on the environment and environmental improvements. They have installed 870 kW of solar cells, which contribute to their energy consumption by 30%. They have installed a water cooling system that both recycles water for production and at the same time prevents chemicals from being discharged.

Production takes place on advanced molding machines that produce high quality products with 9 times increased production efficiency and with 60% reduced energy consumption . An energy-efficient air compressor has also been installed in production, which minimizes energy consumption when generating air for production.

Easily find sustainable products

We work to make it easier for you and your colleagues to choose and consume sustainable products in your daily work. That’s why we work to clearly label all our products that are manufactured with consideration for the climate and the environment.

Products marked with our sustainability label show which products you should choose if you want to make an effort for the climate and environment. That way you get a quick overview and can easily find all our sustainable products. If you want to reduce your and your colleagues’ environmental impact, you can already easily make environmentally friendly purchases at DACOS.


Not all plastic pollutes

Plastic is today a widely used product in many industries, and especially in laboratories where large amounts of plastic are consumed daily, which is why plastic is absolutely impossible to do without. But there is a difference between plastic and how much the simple forms of plastic pollute when disposed of correctly.

Most of our products are made from polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). Waste incineration of PE and PP produces carbon dioxide and water as combustion products. Plastic has a high fuel value, since plastic, like oil and gas, are chemical compounds of, among other things, carbon and hydrogen. When the plastic breaks down, it is therefore in principle without unpleasant consequences for the environment when the use of certain additives is avoided.

Agenda with a focus on the environment

Internally at DACOS, we also have an environmentally friendly agenda. We pay attention to the correct disposal of waste, we use environmentally friendly cleaning detergents and only use eco-labelled paper. With our CAPP ecotrade® pipette program, we offer our customers help in disposing of their old pipettes, thus ensuring that they are disposed of as environmentally friendly as possible.

When we ship goods from our own warehouse, we recycle the cardboard boxes in which we have received goods from our suppliers. Just as we pack the goods carefully in the right size boxes, so that we avoid wasted space and do not contribute to shipping air.


Together we can make a difference

DACOS wants to be the industry leader and lead the way when it comes to focusing on environmentally responsible methods, environmentally friendly products and correct disposal of plastic waste from laboratories. Therefore, we will continue to have a strong focus on being able to offer products that are produced with consideration for the environment, and products where, already in the design phase, there has been a focus on minimizing the amount of plastic, a focus on disposal or recycling of the product.

We believe that together we can make a difference and ensure a greener future. Let us help you find the most environmentally friendly products for your laboratory. Contact us to hear more!

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