The Earth Friendly Company

How it started

Labcon was founded in 1959 and since 1990 Labcon has focused on the production of sustainable laboratory equipment. Labcon specializes in and are among the world’s leading manufacturers of pipette tips, cryotubes, centrifuge tubes, microtubes, cryoboxes and other storage solutions.

For more than 60 years, Labcon has supplied innovative and sustainable products to laboratories around the world. Today, Labcon is a supplier of more than 1,000 different products and manufactures more than one billion units every year.

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Sustainable development

Since 1990 sustainable development has been embraced as part of the corporate culture at Labcon. Labcon has formed partnerships with end users and customers who share their vision of sustainability to gain a better understanding on how they can reduce or eliminate the negative impacts of production and consumption.

Labcon and their sub-suppliers are committed to develop products that are sustainable and at the same time meet the customers’ high standards for quality and performance.

Results achieved since the year 2000

% less electricity consumed
% more renewable energy consumed
% less emitted greenhouse gas
% less water consumed
% less generated waste

Focus on the environment

Labcon has focused on the environment since 1990, when they set a goal to be green in a world of plastic. In 2004, Labcon moved to their current and environmentally friendly facility in Petaluma, where 90% of their products today are manufactured, assembled and packaged.

They sterilize at their own facility only 500 meters away, which also houses Labcon’s warehouse and distribution center. Labcon is focused on limiting their suppliers to a radius of 200 kilometers around Petaluma. The short distance to sterilization and suppliers helps to limit the discharge of emissions.

kW solar system means
% increased renewable energy consumption
x increased efficiency
% reduced energy consumption

Environmentally friendly production

Throughout production, Labcon focuses on the environment and environmental improvements. They have installed an 870 kW roof-top solar system, which contributes with 30% of the energy needed at their site. They have installed a water cooling system that recycles water for production and at the same time prevents chemicals from being discharged.

The production of the high-quality products takes place on advanced molding machines with 9 times increased production efficiency and with 60% reduced energy consumption. An energy-efficient air compressor has also been installed, which minimizes energy consumption when generating air for production.

The ACT brand

The ACT label is the leading environmental label for laboratory products. Labcon has more than 100 products registered with the ACT brand. The lower the score, the less impact on the environment. Labcon’s scores are generally very low and the score in Manufacturing Impact is 1, which is the lowest possible score, reflecting Labcon’s great commitment when it comes to sustainability!

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The primary focus is quality

Despite a strong focus on the environment, Labcon does not compromise on quality. At Labcon quality is the primary focus area and permeates the company from end to end. Labcon works daily to improve all internal processes. It is this ongoing process that ensures that products from Labcon always guarantee a very high and consistent quality.

Labcon strives to make the customer’s experience with Labcon products unique. The goal is that all products must always have the same high quality and meet the customers’ expectations.


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