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Biowest was founded in 1987 and is a leader in Europe in the collection of animal sera. Biowest supplies the widest selection of sera and cell culture media on the market.

More than 36 years of focus on quality, efficiency and transparency have made Biowest a leader on the European market. Combined with a fully integrated supply chain and a stable worldwide distributor network, Biowest has earned the trust and recognition of the life science industry.

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Reduces the use of live animals

In vitro cell culture allows to reproduce the same mechanisms that occur in vivo and to test the effect of different substances in a particular cell line. The use of in vitro cell culture has been fundamental in reducing the unnecessary use of live animals for research, disease diagnosis and vaccine production.

Cell culture techniques have also enabled the development of medical innovations, such as gene therapy and stem cell therapy. A remarkable development has been made possible thanks to
the availability and quality of cell culture reagents.

Traceable from collection to product

Biowest offers a wide range of sera sources from several countries. Biowest manages the production of sera throughout the entire process from collection sites around the world to final shipment.

Traceability is part of Biowest ISO audits. Each batch of sterile serum is internally controlled, starting with the import of raw serum, through final filtration and labelling. Copies of all documentation are available in paper and electronic form.

Biowest is proud to have been a key player in this field for more than 35 years by providing a wide range of quality products.

Produkter Biowest - Om Biowest

Biowest offers products of very high quality

years of experience with serums and media
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in high quality
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ISO certified
in 2006
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in 2014

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