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DACOS købt af Diatom - Nyhed

has a new owner

Diatom A/S have had significant organic growth in recent years and is now acquiring companies within the areas of competence to further accelerate growth. Last week, DACOS A/S was taken over by Diatom, which now has better access to hospitals and laboratories.

Pincet - Nyheder

Tweezers with good grip for many purposes

Disposable tweezers with grooves that ensure a good and non-slip grip.
The tweezers measure 12.5 cm and can be used for many different purposes.
It is made of very durable ABS plastic, which is fully recyclable and therefore better for the environment.

Blodvender MiniMix - nyheder

Mobile blood turner with rechargeable battery

Blodvender MiniMix is ​​a small mobile blood diverter that does not require a power source and is therefore easy to carry around in different departments. Tilt table with a large tilt angle of +/- 35° and room for 8 blood tubes in different sizes. Adjustable speed between 0 – 20 cycles per minute.

Bagopen stander til stomacherposer - Nyheder

BagOpen stand easily holds the bag open

BagOpen stand for blender bags is an ideal aid in everyday life. With the stand, it is easy to open the stomacher bag without the risk of contamination.
Made of polycarbonate and withstands temperatures up to 65° C. Fits blender bags in the size 400 – 2,000 ml.

Bagclip lukkeklips til stomacherposer - Nyheder

BagClip closing clip for easy closing of bags

BagClip closing clip is an ideal aid in everyday life. BagClip is a 3-point clamp closure clip for quick and easy closing of stomacher bags. BagClip is used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The closure is gas- and liquid-proof. It fits all types of 400 ml bags.

Labelprinter LinkLabel - nyhed

Wireless label printer
with many options

Label printer LinkLabel is a smart wireless printer for fast printing of labels with barcodes, QR codes, consecutive numbers and much more. Very easy connection to free app that offers endless possibilities. Labels for temperatures down to - 80° C. Measures only 13.5 x 7 x 17 cm.

Centrifugerør 25 ml SPL - Nyheder

25 ml centrifuge tubes offer many advantages

Centrifuge tube 25 ml has the same diameter as the 50 ml centrifuge tube, but is 33% smaller. The reduced size results in lower shipping costs, less plastic waste and reduced storage space.
Has been tested up to 18,000 G.

Racks til centrifugerør med 2 huller - Nyheder

Rack with two holes for 15 and 50 ml centrifuge tubes

Racks for centrifuge tubes with 2 holes for 15 and 50 ml centrifuge tubes or 5 ml micro tubes. The rack is ideal for weighing or for work in the laboratory, as it has a very small footprint. In polypropylene.
Measures only 94 x 71 x 32 mm.

Sprøjter - Nyheder

Syringes in 2- and 3-component

Syringes 2- and 3-component with rubber plunger provide a very precise dosage of even small amounts. Made of transparent polypropylene. Special design prevents the piston from slipping out. Made of polypropylene and with graduations.

Bakterietester Cytoquant - nyhed

Bacteria tester CytoQuant Answers in just 30 sec.

The bacteria tester is the world's first mobile flow cytometer that makes it possible to verify bacteria, food residues, cleaning agents and disinfectants on the spot. Gives an answer in just 30 seconds.
Simple test procedure that does not require a laboratory test or special training.

Microplate Centrifuge

PlateFuge™ Microplate Centrifuge is a very small and compact centrifuge for centrifuging microplates. It can spin two plates at a time, and most samples are spun down in just 20 seconds.
It has a very compact design. Centrifugal force of 600 x G.

Pipettespidser pakket enkelvis - nyhed

ExpellPlus pipette tips individually packaged

CAPP ExpellPlus pipette tips individually packaged are universal, sterile, low retention tips that are ideal for sensitive applications requiring the strictest aseptic conditions. Their unique individual packaging ensures sterility for each individual pipetting

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