Disposable tweezers with grooves that ensure a good and non-slip grip. Made of  durable ABS plastic.

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Tweezers with non-slip grip and made of ABS plastic. The tweezers are disposable tweezers with grooves that ensure better grip. It measures 12.5 cm, is not sterile and is sold in bags of 20.
Tweezer specifications

  • With non-slip grip.
  • Measures 12.5 cm.
  • Manufactured in ABS plastic.
  • Not sterile.
  • In bags of 20 pcs.

ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a non-toxic plastic used for a variety of products. ABS plastic is one of the more environmentally friendly plastic materials, as it does not break down over time or release harmful chemicals. ABS plastic is very hard and a durable plastic that does not cause health risks to the consumer. ABS resists physical impact and any chemical corrosion. The plastic finish can handle hard use and withstands most conditions and impacts. ABS plastic is also fully recyclable.


12.5 cm, 1 x 20 pcs. in bag – Minimum buy 20 pcs. in bag

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