Pipette tips without filter

DACOS carries a wide selection of universal pipette tips without filter, which are suitable for virtually all well-known pipette brands on the market. Our tips are all of very high quality and mainly come from the well-known brands Labcon, CAPP and AHN Biotechnologie. We also have pipette tips without filter for Finn and Gibson pipettes.

The pipette tips without filter are available as sterile or non-sterile, as low retention and in rack or in bulk.

About Labcon

Labcon was founded in 1959 and since 1994 has focused on the production of sustainable laboratory equipment. Labcon is specialized in and among the world’s leading manufacturers of pipette tips, cryotubes, centrifuge tubes, microtubes, cryoboxes and other forms of storage.
For over 60 years, Labcon has brought innovative and sustainable products to laboratories around the world. Labcon is today a supplier of more than 1,000 different products and manufactures more than one billion units every year, of which Labcon pipette tips are one of the primary products.

Focus on quality

At Labcon, quality is the primary focus area and permeates the company from end to end. Labcon works daily to improve all internal processes. It is this ongoing process that ensures that products from Labcon always guarantee a very high and consistent quality. Labcon strives to make the customer’s experience with Labcon products unique. The goal is that all products must always have the same high quality and meet the customers’ expectations.

Labcon Eclipse pipette tips

Labcon Eclipse standard pipette tips come standard with many features that are only available from other vendors as special upgrades. All Eclipse pipette tips are made from 100% pure virgin medical grade polypropylene. There is no recycled plastic in Labcon’s pipette tips. Labcon tests the resin to ensure that there are no extractables. Each batch is laboratory tested and certified free of detectable contamination by Rnase, Dnase, DNA/RNA and pyrogen.

All resins are also tested for metal contamination. Certificates can be downloaded from Labcon by batch number.

Focus on sustainability since 1994

At Labcon, sustainable development has been embraced as part of the company culture. Labcon has formed partnerships with end users and customers who share their vision of sustainability to gain a better understanding of how they can reduce or eliminate the negative impacts of production and consumption. They are also committed to developing products that are sustainable and at the same time meet the customers’ high demands for quality and performance.

Focus on the environment

The products Labcon manufactures are cast, assembled and packaged in their production facility in Petaluma. They sterilize at their own facility approx. 500 meters away, which also houses Labcon’s warehouse and distribution center. Labcon is focused on limiting their suppliers to a radius of 200 kilometers around Petaluma. This helps them limit their impact on the environment.

About CAPP

With more than 25 years of expertise as a pipette manufacturer, CAPP has the necessary know-how to design and produce pipette tips that meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

CAPP offers a wide range of high quality pipette tips that can meet the pipetting needs of research, diagnostics and analytical laboratories.

CAPPEXPell and CAPPEXPell Plus pipette tips

CAPPEXPell and CAPPEXPell Plus pipette tips are high-quality pipette tips and are available both with and without filter. The pipette tips with filter are primarily used to prevent cross-contamination in critical applications, e.g. within molecular biology.

The EXPellPlus tips are low retention and have unique low retention properties, reducing sample binding to a minimum and significantly improving your pipetting results.
Many of the pipette tips are supplied in autoclavable racks that are packed in user-friendly and space-saving dispenser boxes with 10 racks (applies to most sizes) or 8 racks for the 1 ml tips.

Premium design
• Universal tips compatible with virtually all pipette brands on the market.
• The pipette tips are available in different lengths within the same volume range for different applications.
• Manufactured in crystal clear virgin PP with markings for increased ease of use.

Premium portfolio
• The pipette tips are available in two variants. CAPPEXPell, which is standard, and CAPPEXPell Plus, which is low retention. Both are of premium quality.
• Various tip designs within the same volume range to fit almost all pipettes on the market.

Premium manufacturing
• Absolutely no compromise with the quality parameters.
• High quality assurance to eliminate the risk of contamination.
• Certified free of DNase, RNase and DNA/RNA.
• Certified pyrogen free.

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