CAPP Expell
Reload System

The CAPP Expell Reload System makes it easy to refill empty racks with pipette tips, saving costs. Shipping costs are significantly reduced and the CAPP Expell Reload System also reduces plastic consumption.
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The CAPP Expell Reload System is pipette tips for fast reloading of your racks. Reload pipette tips are available for 10 µL standard and extended length as well as for 200 µL and 1,000-1,250 µL tips. Depending on the volume of the tips, the system consists of towers of 5, 8 or 10 inserts containing 96 tips in each.

With CAPP Expell Reload, filling empty racks with pipette tips has never been easier. The system is extremely easy to use: remove the tower cover and take out the insert plate with tips. Place the plate in the empty rack. The rack has now been refilled with 96 tips.

Expell Reload allows for more savings in several areas. Shipping costs are significantly reduced as they are packed compactly and take up 75% less space compared to regular sharpeners in racks or bags.

With the Expell Reload, the tips from the top insert plate are partially placed in the tips on the plate below, resulting in a slim tower that takes up much less space than a single box of 10 boxes. Thanks to the minimal dimensions of the package, the Expell reload system towers take up less space on the workbench and save space in the storage area.

The CAPP Expell reload system also reduces plastic consumption as each rack can be reused many times. Aside from the spiked inserts, there are no additional plastic components in Expell Reload – the packaging is in recycled cardboard.

The system is compatible with all CAPP racks of similar size pipette tips. The pipette tips are universal and compatible with almost all pipette brands on the market.

Advantages of  the CAPP Expell Reload System

  • Universal.
  • Certified free of DNase, Rnase and DNA/RNA.
  • Certified free of pyrogen.
  • Supplied in a rack.

Click to see the CAPP pipette tips compatibility overview.

Sustainable production and products

Sustainable production of laboratory supplies is embedded in every part of the production flow at CAPP, and this is reflected in all their products. The production facility is entirely based on electric injection moulding, which has lowered power consumption by 40%. 100% green power is used in production with zero CO2 emissions. All products at CAPP are packaged in recyclable packaging that is certified ‘Der Grüne Punkt’. CAPP refill tips save 59% plastic and 65% shipping space.

All these and other green initiatives emphasise CAPP’s approach to sustainable production and products. The power savings and faster production also help reduce CAPP’s fixed costs. This allows CAPP to deliver premium sustainable consumables to the lab at very favourable prices.

Read more about CAPP and their eco-friendly production.


CAPP Expell Reload System

10μl, 10x10x96 pcs., 10/20μl XL, extra narrow, 10x10x96 pcs., 200μl, 10x10x96 pcs., 300μl, 10x8x96 pcs., 1,000μl (1,250μl), 10x5x96 pcs.

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