CAPP ExpellPlus Sterile Filter Tips
in PaperBox

CAPP ExpellPlus filter tips sterile in PaperBox are tips in new eco-friendly cardboard racks. When the pipette tips are used, the racks can be deposited with other paper and cardboard for recycling. This way you can help reduce the waste burden on the environment.

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CAPP ExpellPlus sterile filter tips in PaperBox are low retention tips in new eco- friendly cardboard racks. The pipette tips in racks made from recyclable cardboard are perfectly suited for the CAPP refill system and is a great alternative to plastic racks. Once the pipette tips are used, the racks can be placed with other paper and cardboard for recycling. This way you can help reduce the waste impact on the environment.

Many laboratories still use standard plastic pipette tip racks. It’s estimated that four million pounds of plastic waste from racks ends up in recycling centres every year, contributing to an ever-increasing environmental impact.

The PaperBox pipette tips in cardboard racks are sterile and PCR-free. Each PaperBox is individually wrapped in foil to ensure sterility is maintained. PaperBox works best in combination with single-channel pipettes. For multichannel pipettes, the best solution is to transfer the pipette tips from the PaperBox to a PP box.

Pipette tips in the PaperBox are packed in space-saving, easy-to-use dispensing towers that take up very little space. This makes it possible to stack full racks and access them easily without taking up valuable storage space. This solution is very convenient on busy days when many pipette tips are used, as there is space to keep them close at hand when needed.

ExpellPlus pipette tips are designed to work seamlessly with most of the common pipette systems from major manufacturers across the industry. Attaching CAPP tips is always easy and effortless, it will be the same experience with the pipette tips in the eco-friendly cardboard boxes.

Like all CAPP products, ExpellPlus filter tips in reusable racks are manufactured without compromising on quality. They are engineered to perfection in our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility. The tips are made from the best materials and the racks are made from responsibly harvested resources. This provides the dual benefits of a great pipetting experience and the peace of mind of knowing you’re doing your part to care for the environment.

CAPP ExpellPlus low retention filter tips with filter are primarily used to prevent cross-contamination in critical applications, such as molecular biology.

Specifications for CAPP ExpellPlus sterile filter tips in PaperBox

  • Made from 100 % crystal clear virgin polypropylene.
  • Low retention.
  • Universal.
  • Sterile.
  • With filter.
  • Certified free of DNase, RNase and DNA/RNA.
  • Certified free of pyrogen.
  • Supplied in an eco-friendly cardboard box.

Sustainable production and sustainable products

Sustainable production of laboratory supplies is embedded in every part of the production flow at CAPP and is reflected in all of their products. The production facility is completely based on electric injection moulding, which has lowered power consumption by 40%. 100% green power is used in production with zero CO2 emissions. All products at CAPP are packaged in recyclable packaging that is certified ‘Der Grüne Punkt’. CAPP refill tips save 59% plastic and 65% shipping space.

All these and other green initiatives emphasise CAPP’s approach to sustainable production and products. The power savings and faster production also help reduce CAPP’s fixed costs. This allows CAPP to deliver premium sustainable consumables to the lab at very favourable prices.

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CAPP ExpellPlus i PaperBox

1.000µL, 8×96 pcs., 1.250μl XL, 8×96 pcs., 100μl, low retention, 10×96 pcs., 10μl XL, low retention, extra small, 10×96 pcs., 10μl, low retention, 10×96 pcs., 200μl, low retention, 10×96 pcs., 20μl, low retention, 10×96 pcs., 300μl, low retention, 10×96 pcs.


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