Labcon Eclipse Racks
for refill

The Labcon Eclipse Racks for refill are empty racks for reloading pipettetips. When you reuse the racks for pipette tips you are saving a lot of plastic. Labcon racks are produced with the environment in mind and Labcon is FDA certified.

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The Labcon Eclipse Racks for refill are empty racks for the purpose of reloading them with pipette tips. By reusing the racks for pipette tips you are saving large amount of plastic because each rack can be reused several of times.
The system is very simple to use: use the top cover of the  Labcon Eclipse Refill System to fixate the tips. Now move the plate with the tips. Place the plate in the empty rack. The rack has now been reloaded with 96 pipette tips.

All Labcon Eclipse tips in racks are packed in Labcons trademarket Teal or Purple rack. These racks are made of  polypropyle and can be autoclaved several of times. The rackes have robust hinges which ensure that the lid does not fall off and a special designed snap lock that does not tear your gloves.

For reloading the Labcon racks the pipette tips 10 µL standard, 10 µL extra long, 200 µL and 1250 µL are available as reload tips.

Advantages with Labcon Eclipse Racks for refill

  • 100 % reusable.
  • Racks of high quality.
  • Can be reused several of times.
  • Autoclavable.
  • In environmentally friendly packaging.

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An Eco-friendly product

The Labcon racks are produced with the consideration of the environment. The products are produced at Labcon’s own manufacturing facilities in California, where all products are made from 93% renewable energy and include sustainable materials such as bioplastics and recyclable recycled plastics. Products are packaged in uniquely designed packaging with minimal plastic content and printed with ink without the use of heavy metals.

The use of plastic products in laboratories is a necessity for scientific research, but these plastics often have a high environmental impact. Analysis shows that a large part of this impact comes from the manufacturing process. You can greatly improve your lab’s environmental impact by choosing Labcon’s Earth Friendly products.

FDA-approved for food contact

Labcon is an FDA-registered medical device manufacturing facility and their products meet the highest standards of quality assurance. All products are manufactured in a tightly controlled environment and subjected to rigorous testing and performance procedures. Labcon’s products meet all specified standards for precision, clarity, twist, spin and are free from contamination. Labcon’s products are made from FDA CRF21 GMP compliant resin, making them approved for food contact.

Read more about Labcon and and their eco-friendly production.

Labcon Eclipse Racks

Rack for 1,250µL refill tips, 6 pcs., Rack for 10-250 µL refill tips, purple, 10 pcs., Rack for 10µL, 10µL XL or 200µL refill tips, 10 pcs.


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