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Labcon Eclipse UNO Refill
ZAP Aerosol with filter

The smart refill system from Labcon is simple, easy and fast to use. It is environmentally friendly, and it requires minimal storage space. The pipette tips are ACT marked and Labcon is FDA certified.
See more specifications, video and compatibility chart further below.

The Labcon Eclipse UNO Refill ZAP Aerosol with filter makes it easy to replenish the empty racks with pipette tips. The Eclipse series from Labcon consists of durable and universal pipette tips of high quality. The smart refill system is simple, easy and fast to use. It is environmentally friendly, and it requires minimal storage space.
With Labcon’s refill system, savings are realised in several areas. Shipping costs are significantly reduced, while the Labcon refill system also reduces plastic consumption as each rack can be reused over and over again.

Labcon ZAP Aerosol pipette tips

The Labcon ZAP Aerosol pipette tips with filter are universal pipette tips of the highest quality that fit the most popular pipettes. The pipette tips are filtered, thus ensuring against cross-contamination in all liquid handling applications.

ZAP Aerosol pipette tips have a higher standard than regular filtered pipette tips. Aerosol pipette tips provide complete protection against sample transfer that includes a patented filter made of high molecular weight polyethylene. The filters allow the pipette to aspirate by venting through a dense sponge-like transport pathway. The pores in this filter have an average size of 10 µm, so even radionucleotides are captured before they reach the pipette itself.

Pipette tips are made from 100% pure, virgin, medical grade polypropylene. In other words, there is no recycled plastic in Labcon tips. Before production, the resin is tested to ensure there are no extractables. Each batch is laboratory tested and certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, Adenosine Tri-phosphate and Endotoxin (pyrogen) contamination.

All Labcon pipette tips are tested for metal contamination. Certificates are available on each lot number for all pipette tips.

Refill racks can be autoclaved

All ZAP™ pipette tip racks are packaged in trademarked Teal or Purple racks. These racks are made of polypropylene and can be autoclaved repeatedly. They have robust locking hinges that don’t separate, as is often seen with lower grades, and a special snap lock designed so it won’t tear a hole in gloves.

Specifications for Labcon Eclipse UNO Refill ZAP Aerosol with filter

  • Made from 100 % medical grade virgin polypropylene (PP).
  • Universal with filter.
  • Fits most well-known pipette brands such as Biohit, Brand, Eppendorf, Finn and Gilson.
  • With patented endotoxin-free filter inserted via robot.
  • Certified free of RNase, Dnase and DNA/RNA.
  • Certified free of pyrogen, ATP, heavy metals and protease.
  • Autoclavable and refillable racks.
  • CE labelled.
  • Sterile according to Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) 10-6.
  • Produced according to Labcon’s Earth Friendly® model with a focus on green production.

Save plastic with eco-friendly pipette tips

  • Made with 61% renewable energy.
  • Made with recyclable plastic.
  • Packaged in 100% recyclable material.
  • Printed with plant-based inks.
  • Refill tips systems minimize plastic consumption.

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An environmentally friendly and ACT labelled product

Labcon Eclipse UNO Refill ZAP Aerosol pipette tips are ACT labelled and produced with the environment in mind. The pipette tips are produced at Labcon’s own manufacturing facilities in California, where all products are made from 93% renewable energy and include sustainable materials such as bioplastics and recyclable recycled plastics. Products are packaged in uniquely designed packaging with minimal plastic content and printed with ink without the use of heavy metals.

Labcon has more than 100 ACT-labelled products that validate Labcon’s commitment to a better environment. The ACT label makes it very transparent to see how sustainable the product is, assessed by the environmental impact of production, energy consumption, packaging and viability.

The use of plastic products in laboratories is a necessity for scientific research, but these plastics often have a high environmental impact. Analysis shows that a large part of this impact comes from the manufacturing process. You can greatly improve your lab’s environmental impact by choosing Labcon’s Earth Friendly products that are ACT labelled

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FDA-approved for food contact

Labcon is an FDA-registered medical device manufacturing facility and their products meet the highest standard of quality assurance. All products are manufactured in a tightly controlled environment and subjected to rigorous testing and performance procedures. Labcon’s products fulfil all specified standards for precision, clarity, twist, spin and are free from contamination. Labcon’s products are made from FDA CRF21 GMP compliant resin, making them approved for food contact.

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Labcon Eclipse Refill Sys.

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